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Pest Control Services for the North West Phoenix Valley

Commercial and Residential Pest Control Services. We offer a variety of Pest Control Services in the West Phoenix Valley and the Town of Surprise. We welcome Realtor and home owners alike. From Roaches to Crickets and Scorpions or Bees. We will treat you right the first time and keep the bugs away for all time. Now is the time to begin your scheduled pest control service to keep the bugs from getting into your house. We treat your outside yard first; targeting the bugs where they breed. Minimizing the invasive treatments inside.  We use the best pest control products and consider safety to your family and pets first.

Crickets/Roaches last year there was an outbreak of crickets in the town of surprise. Ants and Bees watch out for the agressive bees that have been seen in arizona now. They fly in large group and will attack anything in site. flying eratically. Termites and Scorpions Termites can cause major damage to homes and Scorpions can be a menace and dangerous to infants.

"Most prevalent bugs that we see are crickets, roaches and ants.  It all depends on the time of year also.  In the summertime, black widows and scorpions are very prevalent, in addition to crickets and roaches.  All are very manageable with regular monthly pest control service, depending on the area and it’s surroundings.  At times, bi-monthly service might be enough, depending on the amount of pests that are prevalent to the area."  – Rhonda, Surprise Pest Control.

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